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"We feel confident that we will be able to plan for and implement repairs, improvements and scheduled infrastructure changes over time rather than re-act as "things" happen."

Marty, Condo President

Common Elements are the building components used by and maintained by all of the owners in your small to medium sized condominium building. These items are the focus of the reserve study. Our two types of reserve studies differ in scale and scope. Those differences are outlined below.

  • Lot, Landscape and Hardscape:

    • Fences, Garden Walls
    • Paved walks, Drives, Parking Lots and Patios
    • Retaining Walls
    • Decks, Terraces
    • Trees, Scrubs
    • Surface drainage
  • Building Exterior:

    • Exterior wall surfaces [Masonry, Tuckpointing, Siding, Stucco, Trim, etc.]
    • Windows, Vents [if common*]
    • Entries, Porches, Balconies [if common*]
    • Soffits, Fascia
    • Garages, Garage Doors
  • Roof:

    • Roof Surfaces, Roof Penetrations
    • Chimneys, Dormers, Vents
    • Flashings, Gutters, Roof Drains
    • Hatches, Roof Top Mechanicals
  • Structure, Insulation, Venting, Moisture;

    • Foundation, Beams, Columns
    • Seepage, Basement Flooding
    • Floor, Wall, Ceiling and Roof Framing
    • Basement and Crawl space environments
    • Insulation and Ventilation
    • Appliance Vents and Chimneys
    • Common Area Ventilation
  • Elevator:

    • Mechanicals
    • Controls
    • Elevator Cab Interior
  • Mechanical systems and Utilities:

    • Boilers
    • Forced Air HVAC [if common*]
    • Heating, Cooling, Ventilation [common area distribution]
    • Water Heaters [if common*]
    • Water Distribution [common Piping and Fixtures]
    • Electrical Service Entry, Service Panels, Common Area Wiring, Outlets, Lighting and Controls
    • Emergency Lighting and Signage
    • Wastewater Piping [common piping]
    • Ground Water and Surface Water Management and Pumps
    • Natural Gas Distribution [common areas]
    • Laundry Connections and Equipment [if common*]
  • Common Area Living Space [lobbies, halls, stairwells]:

    • Wall, Floor and Ceiling Surfaces
    • Interior Doors, Hardware
    • Stairs, Stairwells
    • Furnishings
    • Mailboxes, Intercoms
  • Garages:

    • Interior Surfaces
    • Garage Door Operators
    • Garage Heating and Ventilation

* If maintained as a common element